JEEVELS, adopting as a priority the principle of providing its customers with a safer online shopping environment, adheres to the following conditions: Your e-mail address shall not be disclosed to any parties for any reason whatsoever; it will only be used for sending promotions and information concerning website from time to time. The personal information you give to us shall not be shared with other customers and real persons or legal persons without your permission. JEEVELS shall neither store your credit card information in any way nor shall ask for such information. This information will only be used for receiving payment confirmation from the relevant bank at the payment page. Credit card information shall be relayed to the relevant banks through binary connections under high-security conditions. JEEVELS undertakes to fully adhere to the provisions of Law no. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers.
Our Security Policy: In our site, credit card transactions are secured at every level.

WEB Site-Visitor Communication Security:
In the order pages of our website, all communication between the website and the visitors take place under the 128-bit SSL security standard. Whether this communication standard is in effect at the order pages of our website can be seen when it writes “https://” on the address bar instead of “http://”. When you access pages under this encryption, you will also see a lock sign under the right bottom corner of the browser.

WEB Site-Bank Communication Security:
Transfer of credit card information from the website to the bank takes place under the maximum protection offered by the bank.

WEB Site-Data Protection:
In the transactions you will make under this secure environment; no other persons or agencies and organizations can access your information except for you and the bank that issues your credit card. Credit card transaction page does not relay credit card information to the bank’s POS system via e-mails or other similar means. Even we cannot access your credit card information which is transferred due to the online transaction.

Governing Law; Jurisdiction
This Privacy Policy will be governed by the laws of the Republic of Turkey. The exclusive jurisdiction for any claim, action or dispute with Jeevels & Co. or relating in any way to your use of the Web Site will be in the appropriate Istanbul Courts and Bailiff’s offices and the venue for the adjudication or disposition of any such claim, action or dispute will be in the the Repuclic of Turkey.