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Custom Jewelry

Our customers have the right to return the products within 7 business days following the date of purchase. Customers should absolutely make sure they get in touch with us via e-mail for the return process to begin, and receive a return tracking number. In order to finalize the return process, customers should fill in the return form we send alongside the return tracking number, and send the product by insured shipment to Jeevels & Co. Office. Our customers should also send the following items in addition to the product being returned: Product package, warranty certificate, receipt (i.e. everything sent inside the package). No return process can take place for the jewelry which is sent without their receipt and warranty certificate; such products will not be accepted and returned to sender. Products manufactured to order, products resized for the customer’s finger size, and products engraved to order shall not be accepted back. The product that is being returned should be completely undamaged. Products that are scratched or damaged in any way or which have undergone physical change shall definitely not be received back.

Product return process will begin once the jewelry being returned is inspected by our specialists. In payments made with money transfer or EFT, the receipt amount of the product will be reimbursed to the relevant bank account of the customer within 7 days, if the product is accepted for return. In credit card payments, it will take 1 to 4 weeks for the reimbursed amount to be applied back to your credit card account.